"We are here to serve the community the best that we can", is the simple philosophy they share with the approach to an honest and hard working ethic. The addition of "take out" Pizza & Pasta with Italian Chicken Dishes and with 30 years as a professional chef, Rod's passion for excellent dining is evident with the addition of the Chef Table Dinner Menu.

With over 20 years of combined retail and office experience Theresa's approach to carry a little bit of everything in stock ensures to providing excellent customer service. In order to maintain overall customer satisfaction we encourage and appreciate feedback and suggestions from our friends and neighbours.
Rod and Theresa are always working towards creating more services and providing your visits to the Malagash Market most enjoyable and satisfactory. In the meantime we hope to accommodate you with the services we have to offer  and look forward to more services as we grow with hopes of future expansion with the business.
After living and experiencing the country lifestyle, we feel the city life is completely behind us as we love the small community lifestyle. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and we hope we can make you feel as welcome when you come to visit us.

Theresa Ducharme and Rodney Soranno have now owned and operated the business for the last 3 years as their dreams of a semi retirement venture. After making the move from Langley, British Columbia the friendly local and seasonal residents have made us appreciate the goal of spending the rest of our golden years in beautiful Malagash, Nova Scotia.

 A Country Convenience Store - open 7 days 1-902-257-1034